The photo captures a citizen’s ordeal post UK's departure from the European Union. The plummeting economic growth and the political chaos within the nation following Brexit, has left the hopeful voters dismayed with Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party, regretting the decision to vote in favor of the UK’s exit from the…

Moral diplomacy proposed by President Woodrow Wilson is a system in which support is given only to countries whose beliefs are analogous to the nation.

In the contemporary world, the question arises whether morals matter in a nation’s foreign policy. Moral foreign policy is largely about pursuing good for the…


The purpose of this article is to assess how Brexit will impact the European Union.

The term Brexit refers to United Kingdom withdrawing from European Union. A referendum was held on 23 June 2016 in which 51.9% electorate decided in favor of United Kingdom leaving European Union (EU). Future of…

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